Coaches and Parents

The North Country Battle of the Books would not be possible without the energy and support of our dedicated adult participants:

Battle Coordinator: The Battle Coordinator organizes and promotes the local battle, registers teams, and serves as the primary point of contact for the NCLS Youth Services Consultant. This is usually a staff member of the public library.

Battle Partner: Battle Partners work with the Battle Coordinator to organize and promote the local battle. These are usually school library staff or other teachers.

Battle Volunteer: An adult or teen who helps run the program on the day of the event. Battle Volunteers can set up the room, read questions, keep score, etc.

Team Coach: An adult who helps prepare the team for the local and regional battle.

Role of the Coach

The coach has many different jobs throughout the entire Battle of the Books season. These roles vary from time to time, but the most important stays the sameā€”the coach serves as the main contact point for the library and staff. This means that the coach will be responsible for checking their email/voicemail regularly for important scheduling reminders and then reporting the reminders to the rest of the team. In the event of schedule changes, the library will contact the coach immediately, and it is their responsibility to relay this information to their team. Coaches also fulfill the roles of discussion leader, meeting facilitator, and team supervisor. For more information, see the Role of the Coach.

Guide for Parents and Coaches (PDF)